A conference entitled "Common Heritage for Intercultural Dialogue and Development" organized in the frame of the 200th anniversary of the German settlements in Georgia was held at the National Museum on 14-16 December 2017, with the support of the Georgian National Commission for UNESCO.

It is worth mentioning that the anniversary of the German settlements in the South Caucasus Region was, by decision of the 38th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, included in the list of anniversaries celebrated with the participation and the support of the Organization in 2016-2017, which gave the event an international reach.

The participants of the conference: Azerbaijani, German and Georgian scientists and experts, stressed the important role of the German heritage for the development of intercultural dialogue in the Caucasus region. The list of participants also included the Secretary-General of the National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO, the Ambassador-at-large, Mr. Elnur Sultanov.

Within the framework of the above-mentioned conference and with the support of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an exhibition entitled "Beyond Borders: Germans Searching for a Home between Württemberg and the Caucasus" was held in Tbilisi after displaying in several cities of Azerbaijan and Germany.