The Georgian National Commission for UNESCO is composed of 12 members: the President, Vice-President, Secretary-General and members of the Commission. The members of the Commission are representatives of governmental authorities and organs of Georgia, associations and non-governmental organizations, as well as independent experts. The President of the Commission is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. The Commission meets twice a year.

Members of the Georgian National Commission for UNESCO :

  1. Mr. Mikheil Janelidze– President of the Commission, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia;
  2. Ms. Khatuna Totladze– Vice-President of the Commission, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia;
  3. Mr. Nikoloz Antidze – General Director of the National Agency of Cultural Heritage Protection;
  4. Ms. Ketevan Kandelaki – Secretary General, Director of the Department of International Cultural and Humanitarian Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia;
  5. Mr. David Lortkipanidze – General Director of the Georgian National Museum;
  6. Mr. Peter Metreveli – First Secretary General of the Commission;
  7. Ms. Ketevan Natriashvili –  First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia;
  8. Ms. Rusudan Tsurtsumia – Director of the International Research Center for Traditional Polyphony;
  9. Mr. Levan Kharatishvili – Deputy Minister of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia.

Other members to be precised