General information

 kultura-300x199Georgia became a plenipotentiary member of UNESCO on the 7th of October 1992. The National Commission for UNESCO and its Secretariat, both established in 1992, work in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. The Commission’s main function is to coordinate relations between UNESCO and Georgia.

Members of the Commission are representatives of Governmental offices and organs, associations and Non-Governmental Organizations, as well as independent experts. The President of the Commission is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

The Secretariat is the organ of connection between the National Commission and UNESCO. Its main functions are administration of different projects initiated by either the National Commission or UNESCO and coordination of the implementation of UNESCO projects and activities at the national level.

During the visit of UNESCO’s Director General in Georgia in 1995, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between UNESCO and Georgia.

Since 1992, many projects were effectively implemented in the country with the funding of the Organization. Georgia actively participates in the work of the Intergovernmental Bodies of UNESCO and is in compliance with the recommendations of the Organization.